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The legwarmers are pretty cool too.  Even if I do say so myself.  I made a special order for my friend Lori, so I thought I’d share the pics with ya’ll.  It’s the same hat and legwarmers that you can find separately in my etsy shop.  (a little advertisement here– if you like the brown hat I can make you some legwarmers to match! 🙂  She picked the yarn (lovin the color), I knitted it up, and then she and Caroline modeled for me.  Thanks you two!




Posted on: July 9, 2009


My sister Ginny and I have gone together to make our very own Etsy Shop.  You said we needed to sell our stuff, and we listened!!!!  Go check us out! And if you haven’t found us on Facebook yet, please do so now! We’ve got lots of good stuff there for you, and more on it’s way!

You’ve been wondering why I haven’t been posting, haven’t you?    It’s a little distracting starting your own mini business. 😉

And thanks to Chad for designing our awesome banner!  Plus, my own personal logo:


Some Knitting

Posted on: May 13, 2009

I haven’t been knitting too much since Christmas, but I did get one project done from my long neglected book Baby Knits for Beginners.  I’m hoping to make another hat to go along with it too.  Check out my first booties ever:


Sorry the pic turned out so badly.  They are seed stitched, which always takes me a little getting used to, but I eventually got into a rhythm.  For such little things they sure do take a lot of time though!  Too bad I didn’t have any tiny feet to try them on!

Finally have a couple things I’ve been working on to show you.  First up, one of the three scarves I knitted as Christmas gifts:


This is the nicest one really (made out of baby alpaca), but the other yarns I used actually showed off the laciness of the stitch better.  Easiest scarf in the world to make (as far as the stitch used), but it has good results I think.


One of the two kitchen curtains I whipped up yesterday.  I’ve had this fabric since before we moved here, but I thought I would wait until we remodeled to put them up.  I got impatient.  And now I have a new bright spot amidst the desperate kitchen.


Another bright (and yellow) spot in my day.  She just goes and goes and goes. 🙂


Look who’s walking.


This has kept me busy.


Well, this too.

There may have been some other stuff as well.  More later.

I’m thinking maybe I should learn to crochet.  I thought I liked the way knit projects turned out better, but then I received this book for my birthday (a while back, but I’m a little behind in my blogging):

It’s true that I can’t read Japanese, but surely I could find a cute book like this in English?  With Christmas projects underway I don’t have time to learn a new craft altogether, but maybe this spring…

Until then I can enjoy the loving crocheted blankets my Gma has made.  Here’s one:

You can’t tell much about it in this picture, but it’s the only one I have.  The blanket itself is off at C’s work (in our car).  It’s so pretty though, and it has a little hood on it!  We went to the Power and Light District on Sunday with family and checked out the Gourmet Burger place.  Yum.

I finished another hat for Lillian!

This one is a little bigger, and a lot better.  I think I may have counted the stitches wrong before, because the baby one didn’t go down over the ears like this one.  Much happier with it since it does (makes for a much happier/warmer baby).  She’s a little bigger now too. 🙂

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