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On the way to South Carolina I finished the binding of this quilt for our godson Becket.  It was my first time to make a quilt from start to finish completely on my own.  That is a lot of work.  Not sure that I’ll be doing it again. 🙂  It turned out really cute though, and it was worth it for him.  You can see that it is a lot like the quilt I made with my G-ma’s help for my nephew Luca (if you look at my past post which is in the quilting or crafts category).  Super cute fabric from Reprodepot.

I also embroidered “Love, Chad Alicia and Family” on the back.  Plus, B for Becket in the heart on the front.

The square that is covered up has a cirle in it btw.



I finally remembered to take a picture of the quilt I made for Luca. I had it all pieced together when he was born, but it still needed to be quilted and finished. That probably still wouldn’t be done if my G-ma hadn’t stepped in and finished up for me. I think it turned out really well– thick batting and all. 🙂 It was a bugger to quilt.
Libby (Luca’s big sis) has tested it out though, and she thinks its comfy to lay on.
I ordered all the fabrics from with Luca’s Mommy in mind. They have such cool fabric!  The letters are made out of felt, and sewn on with a blanket stitch.
As a side note: I’ve impressed myself by making it this far without starting “Breaking Dawn”. Are you impressed Ginny? hehe I still haven’t managed to get everything done that I’d planned to… where does the time go?

Changing pad to go with the Nappy bag I just made:


My future kitchen:


I just embroidered the tea towels.  Each has two corners with lemons on it.


Posted on: August 6, 2007


These I embroidered a long time ago. Like, before Mother’s Day. Finally got them stitched up. Never going to use cheap linen again though.


19 weeks, and I’ve got a big pouch already. At least it’s obvious to everyone why I’m gaining weight now. hehe


Just finished my first project from Sublime Stitches. I really like how it turned out. All the iron ons come as seperate little graphics, so you basically get to design your own stuff without having to draw. Very cool. Plus things come pretty plain so that you can decorate them on your own… like I did with the icecream. You can barely tell from the pic, but I also stitched a border of yellow on the edge of the towel. The book itself is rather basic, I’d recommend it to someone who has never done any embroidery.

Probably not going to be posting again until next week, because we are leaving for Southern Illinois tomorrow after Chad gets off work. Time to visit the in-laws again. Maybe during the 12 hours we’ll be on the road (total) I can finish one of the many books I’m reading: The Curates Awakening, Eldest, The Tower of Shadows, Money Possessions and Eternity, and Magnus. Wow, I need to stop doing that to myself. Because I have a couple more checked out of the library to read, and I just bought a new John Piper bible study for Sunday school that I’m ready to start reading too. I’m that bad with crafts too, which is why I haven’t had anything to show for myself in a while. 🙂

Oh, and I found these great shoes online that I really want… my birthday is coming up.

This blog I read has had a really cool series of kids stuff… I’ve found lots of stuff I’d like to get B for his upcoming birthday (April 29), such as stuff from this website.

So, everyone have a good weekend!

Pizza Dough

This recipe from Cooking Light is great! 🙂 I’ve used it on numerous occasions, and it always turns out. This is the first time I’ve actually put the toppings on it that the rest of the recipe calls for, and I was happy with that as well:


I also made some chocolate chip muffins that turned out pretty well. Brendan seemed to like them:


This may sound weird, but sometimes I think he’s so beautiful it makes me want to cry.

I finished piecing my Amy Butler quilt yesterday. Now I just need the batting and backing, and some quilting! Just.

This dishtowel is done though:


Snow Days

This is how cold it’s been here, but thankfully we’ve now had a couple days of warmer weather. Almost all the ice and snow from last week is melted. Yes! Don’t get me wrong… I like snow, but last week it kept keeping me from my brother’s basketball games. So, I was really frustrated, and now I am happy it’s gone. I’m trying not to get my hope up that this new nice weather will stay though. And I have plenty to keep me busy at home…

Anna’s Bag

I completed Ginny’s bag, and have now started one for my friend Anna (fabric above). Both baby showers are on Saturday, so that’ll be a busy day. Thankfully I’m not helping with Anna’s. 🙂 Both bags will be revealed after the showers. Some things have to be kept secret.

Embroidery Floss

Also, stocked up on embroidery floss this weekend at Joanne’s President’s Day sale. I’m getting Sublime Stitches in the mail any day, and I wanted to be prepared! I got impatient for it and started a dishtowel at Ginny’s house yesterday… not sure when that’ll get finished.

Still haven’t found my camera =(.  These were taken with my camera phone– turned out surprisingly well I think!

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