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Here’s Lillian enjoying her newly finished quilt in her crib daybed, which we’ll soon be replacing (since the baby needs the crib). 

I started this quilt long ago, but I had her in mind all along.  When I discovered these fabrics I was not a big fan of quilting, because I thought quilts just weren’t my style.  They’ve come a long way since then!  And I’ve changed a little too.   Here’s my original post.

So, I had the top pieced together, but I still had to make the back, machine quilt, and bind.  The bad thing about finishing something you made a while ago, is that I know more now and would’ve done a better job putting the fabric together and piecing it more exactly.  For one thing, I hate that I used the dark brown cheapo fabric on it in the upper right corner.  I think that part looks horrible.  BUT overall I’m happy with how it turned out. 

And I did make a way cooler back than I’d originally planned (plain brown).  I just used materials I already had stocked up too.  This back picture I took before I finished the quilt, so you can’t see the quilting.

I basically followed Amy’s instructions for machine quilting in straight lines and boxes, because I think it’s pretty cool.  I didn’t follow her bad binding directions though.  Decided on the super quick  one-step machine-attached binding, and I’m happy with that.

I think L likes it pretty well too. 🙂


Outside:  Sunny and Cold.  More snow on the way supposedly.  I really haven’t minded being stuck inside though.

In My Kitchen:   Made some double chocolate chip cookie sandwiches (from the Sticky Gooey book of course)  over the weekend.  Delicious.  Found out that Kirkland (costco) vanilla icecream is creamy and delicious to go with.  Also, made a delicious mango upside-down cake this past week.  I didn’t have crystallized ginger, so I just used powdered.

I am wearing: A black knit dress, and a cardigan.  Not really comfortable in most pants right now (at 35 weeks pregnant and huge).

Can’t Wait For:  My baby boy to come!  Also, my good friend Morgan to come back to KC for  awhile!  Happening at about the same time too.

Current Read:  In January I finished the Hunger Games trilogy, which was enjoyable.   Now I’m reading Deadhouse Gates Book Two of the Malazan Book of the fallen, which I wish I was liking more than I am.

I am hoping: to have more energy tomorrow than I do today. 🙂  I have a lot to get done in the next month!!

Around the house:  Trying to get everything cleaned out, and ready for New Baby.  Chad has been getting my new laundry room ready too.  Still a ways to go unfortunately.  Wishing I wasn’t lugging laundry up and down two flights of stairs today.

Simple Pleasures:  voluntary kisses from the kids.  and Dr Pepper.

Creativity:  Finishing a quilt for L that I actually started before she was conceived– it’s long overdue.  Starting one for B.  It’s the one on the cover of this GREAT new book I just got.  Also, finishing knitting a hat for B… maybe he’ll get to use it a month before winter goes away.

Plans for the Weekend:  A date night, and hopefully celebrating two of my brother’s birthdays!  Hopefully that means that the one that lives out of town will be HERE.

Family Update:  The big kids moved into L’s room together.  So far so good!  That’s one reason I’m doing the quilts.  We’re going for a sort of nature theme.  A very loose theme it is too. 🙂  Trying to decide whether to change a couple walls (most of the room actually)  from bubblegum pink to green or light brown.  But that will happen after I’ve recovered from the baby a little anyway.

Lillian:  Walks around constantly in a princess dress or Tutu saying she’s a princess.  Although sometimes she is in disguise as a Halo Reach girl.  Goody.  Or a puppy that licks you.

Brendan:  Is doing well in homeschool.  He LOVES math.  I need a little motivation in the whole school area right now though.  Not exactly making it exciting, or even getting done everything I wish I were.

Simple Sewing for Baby has this really cute pattern for Pillow Monsters as I call them.  I made up four of them for Christmas for my kids and their cousins.  Got the idea for them from my friend Lori, who was making them for her kids after the went crazy for one she’d made as a baby gift.  They were the perfect gift, since I already had all the supplies, and they went together fairly quickly.

I was also hoping that the monsters would stop all the talk about pillow pets from Brendan.  That was shooting a little too high– the advertisers did their brainwashing job well.  The kids do sleep with their new buddies though, and they make great backup pillows. 🙂

Meet Eva

Posted on: January 26, 2011

Named after Lillian watched Wall-E for the 20th time.   It’s a good name though– one I actually considered for L herself.  She’s from the Wee Wonderful book, which is SO adorable just like the blog.

She’s Little Miss Storybook in the book, which is a combo of Goldilocks and Little Red Ridinghood.  Perfect for L, and well loved already.  I did switch the face with another doll in the book though.

She’s made from two Alexander Henry fabrics, and the cape fabric is by Tanya Whelan (which I’d never heard of before).  I found the fabrics at the newish store in Westport called Bon Bon Atelier (thanks to 🙂

I’m looking forward to making more dolls now.  Pretty satisfying work, even if it takes a while (especially when you hang stitch the hole thing).  The only bad thing is that its kinda tempting to just sit her up on a shelf where she can’t get dirty and messed up. Maybe I’ll just have to make one for myself.

I’ve been having a hard time getting any decent pictures of the stuff I’ve been making lately.  My little model is camera shy these days.  But, here are a couple things I’ve done lately anyway…

This is the Tea Party Sundress by Oliver + S made with Anna Maria Horner voile fabrics.    The pattern was a little more difficult than others I’ve made because of the tulip shape of the skirt (made out of several different pieces put together), and the buttons.  But, since I couldn’t get my machine to do a button hole to fit those big buttons I skipped that major step.  The buttons are sewn on the top, and the closure is actually velcro.  Which means Lillian takes it apart all the time… not good.  The fabrics:  I LOVE the voile fabric.  It’s light and airy, and beautiful.

This dress is half Simplicity and half Oliver + S.  A few months back I made the Bubble dress for my niece Libby (never got any pics of it unforunately).  So, when I bought this Simplicity pattern (2460), because of the look of the top part I realized that the way they did the bubble would just not work for what I want to do.  Which, ultimately, is to make a fancy flower girl dress for my sis-in-laws wedding.  This dress was mainly to make sure that I could use the skirt from Oliver and the top from Simplicity together.  A good excuse for another dress for Lillian.  Fabric: the main one is another Anna Maria– an old one that i don’t think is in print anymore.  The midriff part is Amy Butler.  Sort of makes for a busy dress (for me), but I was trying to use only fabrics I already had.  I didn’t have enough fabric to make the straps, so I just used ribbon.  Twice as much as the picture actually shows, unfortunately Lillian sabotaged this dress all along the way.  Turning all my sewing machine knobs TWO different times, plus taking scissors to the ribbon.  Yikes.

So, now I’m working on the flower girl dress.  Half way done!

Thought I’d share my latest project– the funnest one I’ve done in a while.  It’s what I made for my cute little niece (my favorite niece- har har)  for her birthday (and I hope to make one for L soon too!).  An adorable little fabric dollhouse, or in this case Rabbit-house. 

For more of  Libby’s  house check out my flickr photostream in the sidebar to the right. To make one of your very own go here!

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