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Florida Trip

Posted on: July 10, 2008

Something crazy just happened while I was typing and I lost 3 paragraphs. Trying to get back into the mood for writing… =(

OK. I decided to stop waiting for more pics, and just go with a run-down of the events of that last two weeks.

Friday, June 27: 10A Arrived at the bridal shop to pick up my dress. 10:10 the bridal shop finally opened. 10:20 my dress finally appears and I try it on. What do you know? Badly done, and it doesn’t fit. Shop girl convinces me to wait around still more until the seamstress appears. Get chewed out by seamstress with heavy accent while she pins me up again. Apparently I’d lost weight (a few inches in less than two weeks--wow! I wish!), and I hadn’t paid enough for so much work (she’s the one that charged me), and I have no idea how much work this is (why does she think I wanted to get it done professionally?). 11A finally leave bridal shop, and ran back to G’s to pick up the kids. 4A running (not literally) back to the bridal shop, sweating, and car bursting at the seams for the trip. 4:30 pick up Chad on time, but never hadn’t had the chance to feed L yet. Went through downtown at rush hour to get out of town, then had to find a Joann’s because none of the hobby stores (tried 4) I’d gone to had the pins that I needed for the bachelorette party anymore (the kind that say “bride”, “maid of honor”, “bridal party”). I got VZ Navigator for the month to help me navigate around Jacksonville. It took us to an old joann’s location apparently, so wasted 20 minutes going to the wrong one, and then finding the correct one. They DID have the pins though. Fed L and us, and finally got out of town at 6:30. Arrived at C’s parents house in IL after midnight. Thankfully kids slept pretty well, and transfered to their beds without trouble. Parents were out of town.

Saturday: Morning: B woke up at 6:30 and went straight upstairs to find toys. I tried to doze on the couch while he played. 8A L woke up, so lost all hope of sleep. Later met friends at the park, and let our kids play a little bit. Hung out with them most of the day, with a little break to see Wall-e, which we all enjoyed.

Sunday: Back on the road around 10. Lunch in Nashville with friends at a yummy Burger joint. Then tried to find a DSW shoes, because I forgot the one I’d bought for the wedding. Great start to the trip. VZ got us lost off in a residential section. Stupid Navigator. Then went on to Huntsville, AL where we met more friends for supper (I think C talks about it on his blog). We went to Nothing But Noodles, which was really great. We need one in KC! Reminds me of Panera, but they have all kinds of noodles– asian, italian, etc. Running late by this time, and don’t make it to our hotel just outside Atlanta until 1 or 2 (I can’t remember). Very nice Comfort Inn with Kitchenette.

Monday: slept in a little (even the kids!), ate breakfast, went to the pool a little bit (pics in previous slideshow), then got back on the road. It took an incredibly long time to get from Atlanta to Jacksonville (supposed to take 5 hours–I think it took us about 9). A combination of nursing baby, potty training toddler, and slow driving husband (purposefully to save on gas). Got to our hotel, another comfort inn, very small room.

Tuesday: Slept in a little (the kids are getting good at it thanks to the very dark hotel room!), then went for a little walk on the beach. Had a hard time getting B to leave (through a nice fit), but we had to get over to Barbara Jeans for lunch to meet the Bride (Eva), some of her family, and a couple bridesmaids. Barbara Jeans is awesome– it’s where I learned to love crab cakes a year ago when I visited Eva. Found out that one of the other bridesmaids is from KC (she lives in Jacksonville now), and graduated with some of my friends. Made plans to meet back at the beach in an hour or so. So, B got to swim after all. We still had a hard time getting him to leave though! For supper I went to a yummy sub place, Angie’s, with everyone, while C stayed home with the kids. I hung out with E and crew the rest of the evening. C put the kids to bed. He was really great with them all week, which cut down on my stress considerably. Plus, I found my shoes for the wedding. They were a half size to small, but apparently they don’t carry my size in FL. 🙂

Wednesday: Beach with the fam in the morning. I’m having a hard time remembering what else happened that day until: 5 pm manis and pedis with E, and bridesmaids Crystal, Teri, and Belinda. Then we went out to Chilis for dinner. It was a fun time hanging out, unfortunately most of the service at both places left something to be desired. They did give us some great dessert at Chili’s though. That pretty much made up for everything in my book.

Thursday: Met Eva and Crystal to pick up the wedding dress, but the shop wasn’t open even after we waited around at Starbucks a little bit, so they left so E could pick up the groom at the airport. We (the fam) went to the beach. That’s when some of the pics from the slideshow were taken. Met back at the bridal shop, and got to see the dress, which was of course lovely, and learned how to put it on her, and bustle it up. Went back to the hotel to feed L, then picked E and Crystal up for the bachelorette party. The party was at the Melting Pot in the Captain’s room with 10 of us total. Very good food of course. I, of course, forgot those buttons that I went through all that running around to find. We had a suprised lingerie/gag gift party, and that was a lot of fun, and HILARIOUS. After that we went out dancing until 2A. Also fun. I doubt I’ll post pics of that. 🙂

Friday: Ran a couple errands for the bride in the morning. C and the kids went to the ocean with friends that arrived to stay with us the night before while I was out. A little fun for C now too. 4 pm rehearsal, which was hurried and stressful, because of the church’s time restraints. Didn’t actually know everything I was supposed to do. Yikes. I did pass out those buttons in an effort to make them worth the trouble. Not sure that it worked. 🙂 Then the dinner, which was at a neighborhood’s clubhouse. Nice, and good food. All running late, and E still didn’t have her makeup! She didn’t exactly get to bed early that night obviously. But what fun would a wedding be if everything went perfectly? 🙂

Saturday: 6:30A started getting ready. Had trouble getting any milk for L, which was very frustrating. 8A had to leave anyway. Helped with E’s hair, followed her to church. All bridesmaids got there, but one without their dress! Took some pics, helped with last minute preps with E, bridesmaids, the decorating, and kept the flower girl and ring bearer happy with snacks. 11:15 wedding starts late because of missing dress. Everything went smoothly from there if not by the books. It was beautiful, especially E. The flower girl threw the petals out over the crowd, but some of them made it onto the runner. Very funny. Thankful C had our friends to help with the kids while I was busy!

Reception: very good food. Some dancing. Did a terrible job on my speech– I wasn’t as well prepared as I would’ve liked– I actually didn’t know for sure that I was giving it, so I didn’t worry about it. Forgot half of what I was going to say, and interspersed what I did say with nervous laughter. Still kicking myself. Bride and Groom left in a speed boat!

Went to the beach to unwind, and barely made it home before feeling exhausted and achy all over. My body knew I was done apparently, and therefore quit. hehe. Did get some pizza in though.

Sunday: Packed up, and left for 15 hours of driving. Arrived back in IL at 1:30 am. The trip was actually pretty uneventful. I was the whiniest one. J/k. 🙂

Monday: Slept in a little bit. More driving– over to see the great-grandparents. Their first time to meet L! Left IL at about 5:30, and arrived home at about midnight. Thankfully the kids slept most of the way, and I even got an hour or two in. Very thankful to be home safe and sound.


Beach Days

Posted on: July 9, 2008

A few pics from the pool on the way to Florida (L’s first ever), and then the beach. I was really busy the whole time, but we made time to get the the ocean (4 times for me and 5 for the rest). I didn’t do well with getting pics, but here are the best of what we did get. B was a little wary of the big waves, but still had a really good time. He loved running on the beach especially. L would cry when she touched either water or sand. 🙂 We had beautiful weather while we were there despite the stormy forecast. We even got to see dolphins from a little distance!

Outside:  The garden is recovering from the bunny/squirrel invasion very nicely thanks to kitty litter and Marigolds.  I’ll try to get some pics up tomorrow.  What a beautiful day we had today!  I was a little doubtful this morning when it started out with a storm!

I am Thinking:  I have so much to do before Friday.  I hope I can remember everything, and not drive Chad or the kids crazy with my stress.  Type A’s can be so hard to live with sometimes. 🙂

I am Thankful For: my best friends getting married (finally), and giving us an excuse to go back to FLORIDA!

In My Kitchen:  Not much going on this weekend.  Thursday night I made a great meal out of my Hawaiian cookbook that I got for my last birthday.

I am wearing: white tank undershirt, khaki pants,  and bare feet.  It’s hot!

Latest Creative Endeavor: Still working on the quilt for Lillian.  Also one for the new cousin.

I am going: to check out the Children’s museum in Atlanta, GA on the way to Florida.  Anyone else been there before?  We’re trying to break up the 21 hour road trip in to fun, manageable segments for B’s sake.

Can’t Wait For: The Bachelorette party I’ve planned at the Melting Pot!  I don’t think I’ve ever been to a REAL bachelorette party.  All my other friends and I got married to young.

Family News: Had lunch at my G-ma’s house today.  She made some awesome homemade pesto.  YUM!  I can’t wait to have enough basil in the garden to make some of my own!  The rest of the fam is out of town.

Current Read: Mainly just  The Subtle Knife. It’s a real page-turner.

I am hoping: All the flowers I just bought half off make it through my trip.  For that matter I hope all the plants do.  Thankfully one of my bros will be house-sitting.

I am hearing: a quiet house, except Chad just came in from taking back There Will Be Blood to a nearby redbox.  Like I needed an excuse to get a dr. pepper for a buck at McDonalds.  Now I get free movies too!  🙂

Around the house: so much to do I don’t want to think about it. 🙂

Simple Pleasures: B running giggling through a fire hydrant sprinkler the firemen set up at chad’s church party.

Plans for the Weekend: Carbondale to visit friends, Atlanta like I said before,  then ending up in Florida. Lots and Lots of driving.  No idea how L will do.  B should be ok though.  Especially if we get to borrow my mom’s dvd player.


Posted on: April 9, 2008

I always like reading about things to do in Kansas City from different places, because I always learn about new things.  I really want to try out Lidia’s Kansas City and a couple other places after reading about them in this article from Midwest Living.

Peeing Fountain

I actually love Kansas City, and it’s not just because this is where my family is.  This pic is the last I could find of us at the plaza even though we go a lot.  Check out cute little B.  🙂 I wish I knew how old he is here, but the dates seem to be wrong on Picasa.  He can’t be much older than Lillian though.  I’m kind of missing my old SHORT hair!

100 Things

Posted on: April 4, 2008

Chinese Outfit

Check out this great outfit that Eva got L when she was in China. It’s all padded, and should be great next winter. She just got to go around the world– Hawaii, Australia, and China. Apparently you save a lot of money doing it all in bulk instead of seeing them all separately. I’ll keep that in mind next time I have a few thousand dollars lying around. hehe

I thought that was a good header for my list of 100 things to do before I die. This has been going around the blog world a lot lately. Here’s one I particularly like: Mighty Girl Check out all 100 of hers, then see her list of 100 Things Worth Doing that she describes as things she has seen/done that she hopes “flashes before her eyes” at the end of her life. Her blog is one of the funniest I read.

Here’s the first half (the next half may take a while!) Keep in mind that it is not in order of importance:

1. Have a big family
2. Finish remodeling my house
3. Become a patient person
4. Decorate my house just like I want
5. Knit the dress in the back of Baby Knits for Beginners
6. Sew clothes for Lillian
7. Finish the kid’s scrapbooks and baby-books
8. Finish my Amy Butler quilt
9. Finish reading the novel book list in A Well Educated Mind
10.Finish reading Anna Karenina
11. Have a successful veggie garden
12. Plant my own orchard, and have a successful harvest
13. Live in the country
14. See my kid’s grow up
15. Become debt free
16. Visit France
17. See all 50 states
18. Take the kids to a pumpkin patch
19. Have a well outfitted kitchen (for baking)
20. Learn to be disciplined
21. Visit Morgan in Thailand
22. See all 50 states
23. Visit Florence, Italy
24. Visit the land of L.M. Montegomery– Prince Edwards Island.
25. Go on a Carribean Cruise.
26. Make every recipe from Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey: Desserts for the Serious Sweet Tooth
27. Finish my “To Do” List
28. Cook a meal with the veggies from my own garden.
29. Teach my kids to sew/knit.
30. Spend a nice summer evening on my own porch swing in peace and quiet.
31. Have a big anniversary party with dancing a booze (we were underage when we wed). 🙂 Maybe 10 year?
32. Have a cool family portrait taken
33. Plant my own flower garden
34. Go snorkeling
35. Go sailing
36. Get into shape
37. Take Brendan berry picking this summer and bake with the berries

38. Learn how to can produce (from my garden preferably)
40. See the pyramids in person
41. See my daughter play dress-up with her cousin Libby
42. Become an expert pastry chef (for my family) 🙂
43. Get organized
44. See my brother’s graduate college/get married
45. See Brendan’s face when he gets his train for his birthday
46. Design my own house (with a little help)
47. Write a book
48. Go back to school
49. teach my kids to cook
50. teach my kids to love God


Here I am with my friend Eva that I went to visit in Florida. Can you believe people used to ask us if we’re sisters? We both have blue eyes, and once our haircolor was pretty close (back before my hair darkened all the way, naturally!) The resemblance pretty much stops there. Speaking of hair… I’d pretty much decided not to dye or highlight my hair again, but then I got pregnant, and now of course I’m not content with anything. hehe Hopefully I can hold out.

So, I got into Jacksonville with no problems.  I was even early.  First thing we did was go shopping. 🙂  Went to dinner with Eva’s friends (we hung out with them quite a bit actually).  Saw the fireworks down by the beach on the top of a little hotel.  Kind of weird. Good fireworks though.  Stayed up really late.

Got to go to the beach three times.  Once was Daytona beach.  I guess you have to be a racing fan to care for Daytona.  We didn’t.  Ate at some great restaurants.  One was French, with awesome creme brulee.  We both decided to learn to make it ourselves.  And we went shopping more of course.  Both spent to much money, but there were such great deals! hehe

One day we went up to Savannah, Georgia.  First thing we did was look for Paula Dean’s restaurant, because Eva had eaten there before and really liked it.  That took some trekking because there was construction.   Then, when we were waiting in line (you have to wait in a long line just to get on the dinner reservation list– this was at 1 pm I think) in the blazing sun I got to hot, and went across the street for some AC.  Too late.  I fainted while trying to pay for a water bottle.  Most embarrassing experience ever.  Ambulance came, and we wasted our whole afternoon in the ER.  Just so that they could tell me my pregnancy made me more sensitive to the heat because you have less blood at your disposal.  *shaking head*  And the whole time they were lecturing me about drinking enough water and eating enough.  Of course they didn’t bother to give me food, drink, or an IV.  I was not happy with them.

Fortunately we still did get to eat at the Lady and Sons.  Eva called them up from the ER and pulled the pity card.  It was really good food, but I can’t say we really enjoyed it.  We were just to hungry.  Eating made us not feel well.  Plus, on top of everything else Eva was having major contact troubles.  I ended up having to drive home, because she could barely keep her eyes open.

Then, we couldn’t find Eva’s wallet!  Turned out it was in the car the whole time.

Silly me:  I took my huge Anna Karenina book that I’m still reading (haven’t really been in the mood to read lately).  I thought I’d make myself get a lot of reading done.  Of course I didn’t.  My head hurt to badly in the plane on the way there, and I just couldn’t get myself into a book at the beach while there was an ocean to look at!  So, maybe someday I’ll come up with a review for that.

I was really ready to see Brendan.  It was my first time to leave him for longer than an overnight stay at my parents.  I don’t think I did too bad.  But, I almost cried at the airport.

The Trip

Posted on: March 26, 2007

Just a few quick pics from the trip (taken with my trusty camera phone) :).



In St. Louis Chad went to a service at the Basilica (I think it’s called– it was pretty impressive), and B and I went down to a lovely park.  Not sure whta park it was.  The area of St. Louis was awesome!  I think I’m changing my mind about the city now…


I caught B having his stuffed animals kissed… of course not on camera.  This is pretty cute too though.

The trip went OK.  It was too short, and B was all out of whack from lack of sleep and disrupted eating habits.  I was not much better. 🙂   Didn’t get half the reading done I wanted to either.  I did have some pretty successful shopping with my sister-in-law though!

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