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Amy Butler Quilt

Posted on: February 27, 2007


Finally got to start back on my quilt from In Stitches. I have the first layer all pinned together, and ready for stitching today! The book is so beautiful, and hopefully my quilt will be too! But, with these fabrics, how can I go wrong? Bigger pics to come.

Note: I am still planning on posting Ginny’s Diaper bag, but she just hasn’t had time to send me any pics yet. So, you will be the first to know when she has (although most of you saw it at the shower anyway).


I don’t know about you guys, but I am so ready for spring.  I’ve been browsing through all my gardening catalogs.   I think I may round up all my websites,  and make a seasonal list of links.  I know its a little weird to get all these catalogs when I live in an apartment, but I am really ready to have my own garden again!  Better start with a house first, right?


5 Responses to "Amy Butler Quilt"

I think you should bake me something soon.. like those little bisquik breakfast balls of fat… yummm….

[…] roots (literally)… a little hard to do in an apartment.  So, as I said I would in a previous post, I made a list of all the websites that I have saved in my favorites for the day when I’ll […]

I actually did make you some… then chad ate them. 🙂

[…] Finishing a quilt for L that I actually started before she was conceived– it’s long overdue.  Starting one for […]

[…] I started this quilt long ago, but I had her in mind all along.  When I discovered these fabrics I was not a big fan of quilting, because I thought quilts just weren’t my style.  They’ve come a long way since then!  And I’ve changed a little too.   Here’s my original post. […]

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